Tips for Reducing Your Small Business Overhead



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When companies are faced with financial difficulties they can benefit by reducing small business overhead. Try these money saving tips:

1. Reduce Paper Consumption

You should go paperless to save money and the environment. A paperless office can also help to reduce clutter. Instead of printing out numerous documents, you can store documents in the cloud or on portable disk. You could sign all of your contracts digitally and reduce the time it takes to circulate the documents around the office. Digital documents do not require physical manpower to circulate, and this saves incredible time. Save money by reducing paper and ink cartridge costs.

2. Eliminate Needless Expenses

Examine your office expenditures to determine what areas can be eliminated. Eliminate what you don’t need at the office. If you can get away with only digital business cards, why print business cards and waste paper? Rely on your Twitter and Facebook profile also.

If you rarely need a printer, why have one in the office? Simply go to a 24 hour printing location. This prevents your company from being stuck with obsolete equipment that is not serving your company’s needs. Also, consider lowering your expenses for premium web hosting.

3. Invest in an Accountant

Accountants can actually save companies money by finding deductions that you may not be able to find on your own. Professionals may cost at least $100 or more, but if professionals save your company thousands through deductions, the investment is well worth the effort. Consider hiring an accountant to protect your business interests.

4. Find An Office Space

Relocate to an office that is more affordable. Some locations are more expensive than others, and some offices are more expensive than others. If you have a large office, you may consider downgrading to a smaller office or working from home. Virtual office services may be used in conjunction with a home office for added professionalism. This could free up some extra financial resources that the office could desperately use for product development.

5. Switch Your Phone to VoIP

If you want to save money, consider Skype or Google Voice. This VoIP alternative is cheaper than a traditional land line. Small businesses can also use these options with mobile apps. VoIP can save a considerable amount of money. Every company can benefit from saving money. The money saved can be reinvested into the product or services offered.

Reduce Small Business Overhead With a Few Simple Tips

Make an effort to reduce small business overhead by using the tips mentioned. There are many other ways to reduce small business overhead, but not all methods are as effective as these five simple tips. Consider reviewing your company’s expenditures and business practices to determine how you can streamline overhead. You will not regret your efforts to reduce expenses.


Timothy is a small business owner  from Sydney, Australia. He provides these tips from his own experience to other small business owners who are looking to maximize their profits by reducing their expenses.

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